La revista Little White Lies ha publicado, por fin, el artículo que el mundo necesitaba. El que reivindica “Not Another Teen Movie” o, como se llamó en España, “No es otra estúpida película americana” (por algún motivo, el concepto “adolescente” fue arrojado a la basura en nuestro país). Como hacer un copy/paste del mismo sería un poco chungo, hemos seleccionado algunos párrafos para vuestro disfrute personal. ¡Cómo lo clavan!

Chris Evans is only Captain America because he was so charmingly sardonic as Johnny Storm, and Chris Evans was only Johnny Storm because he was so charmingly sardonic as Jake Wyler. A less slack-jawed photocopy of Prinze’s Zack Siler, Jake is the most popular boy in school, and the scene in the wealthy white jock is first introduced uses a brilliant visual gag to locate the film somewhere between David Zucker and Abbas Kiarostami. Sauntering down the hallway amidst a symphony of adoring ADR (“He’s so popular,” one girl coos from off-screen), Jake stops to admire a framed photograph of himself, only to walk closer to his locker where he finds a framed photograph of himself admiring a framed photograph of himself.


Not Another Teen Movie leans into the fact that the films it’s mocking are already absurd, that awareness allowing its best gags to land with the silly dimensions of an inbred MC Escher drawing. Not since the rewind scene in Spaceballs has a spoof so gleefully called attention to its tangled relationship with the target of its jokes.

The characters are constantly identifying themselves (“I’m just the token black guy”), but the world is so lucidly codified that their pronouncements are redundant. We know who these people are before they have the chance to tell us, in part because the immaculate cast always lets you know that they’re in on the joke

Not Another Teen Movie is fetishistically dense with hilarious details, and one of its best is the school’s stadium scoreboard, in which a counter has been installed to keep track of the concussions Reggie has left before he dies. It’s one of four different jokes that can be found in the same cutaway shot, and it’s a gag that sets up this immortal exchange between the head coach (Ed Lauter) and his assistant (H Jon Benjamin) following Reggie’s latest injury:

Coach: Can he play?

Assistant: He’s in a coma.

Coach: Answer my question! Can. He. Play?

Assistant: I don’t even think he can breathe!



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